Let me introduce my team on a general view.
PPP Islamabad team is a true follower of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for his legacy, teachings and footsteps by which he brought only democratic revolution in the history of Pakistan. PPP Youth Organization basically works to look after the interest of Islamabad’s youth who are facing different issues like basic necessity of life such as shelter, food and education to compete in the world of this century. Each member of the team has been chosen from grass root level of Islamabad so that all the issues in the city could be highlighted and resolved effectively and efficiently.

The team is always dedicated towards looking after common man/minority issues being faced by the Islamabad public in urban and rural areas. To resolve these issues Pakistan People’s Party raises the voice of poor and needy people of Islamabad at national level, including both the national assembly and the senate whether they are in power or not like currently.

As PPP’s special focus on the minorities of Islamabad we with our utter commitment and extreme hard work have allotted them land for their religious activities freely. PPP Youth Organization has representatives in all the colleges/universities which play a vital role for student’s empowerment to avoid discrimination for students.

All the PPP Islamabad City members raise charities and initiates helping hands programs to insure that the Benazir Income Support program to be distributed fairly among the deserving candidates.